Chapter 16
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Aspects of city life


Skyscrapers developed

Started with the invention of the elevator in the 1880's

Steel used for framework

Solved space problems

City parks developed for recreation


By 1900 elementary education was compulsory in most states and 72% of all school age children were in school, mostly in cities

High school attendance was not compulsory, but by 1910 most white males went to high school, even though they did not graduate


Public libraries


Books and magazines

Big city newspapers

Yellow Journalism

Joseph Pulitzer tried to arouse readers and increase circulation with controversial stories about city life

William Randolph Hearst competed with Pulitzer in the 1890's in New York

Each paper tried to outdo the other with the climax coming in 1898 when both papers helped prod the U.S. into war with Spain

USS Maine


Huge markets combined with large numbers of manufactured goods demanded changes

Department Stores

Chain Stores

Shopping Centers


Professional Sports


NL formed in 1876

AL formed in 1901

Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first professional team in 1869


Bare knuckled

John L. Sullivan won the heavyweight title in 1882 but lost to Gentleman Jim Corbett in 1892 when he was knocked out in the 21st round



Barnum and Bailey


Silent and at first very short